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Payment for all items:

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For UK orders, cheques are also acceptable (please contact Mark for details)
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Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Prints (see some examples opposite)

Printed on heavyweight 325 gsm fine art textured cotton rag watercolour paper using 7 oil-based inks that do not fade. Each print is signed and numbered. A personalised, dated 'Certificate of Authenticity' will be provided to each buyer. 
This gives an authorised fine-art credential. By offering extensive information on the Certificate about the artwork and the edition, you will have a unique guarantee of the authenticity of the work.

* Gatefold album cover designs: 610mm x 305mm image area with a 76mm border, (paper size 762mm x 457mm)

# Square format designs: 420mm square with a 76mm border, (paper size 572mm square)

Price for all limited edition large prints (Marillion, Fish & Judas Priest): £100 each plus £14 p&p (for up to 4 prints sent in one tube anywhere in World) plus 20% VAT (if applicable)

PLEASE contact Mark for details.

Smaller A4 mini-prints

All printed on the same 325 gsm fine art paper as above but A4 size (210mm x 297mm).They are signed and either in 'landscape' format for gatefold designs or 'portrait' format for square designs:

• Price: £16 each plus p&p (for up to 4 prints) £6 UK, £8 EU, £10 ROW plus 20% VAT (if applicable)

• Gatefold designs: 265mm x 138mm (10.4" x 5.2") image area

• Square designs: 196mm (7.75") square image area

Special orders:

Any other design featured on this site can be created as a print at the sizes and formats above. These will be the same price, p&p and VAT (if applicable) as the limited editions and are signed but with no certficates of authenticity.

On request, any design can be printed at larger sizes up to a maximum of 584mm x 1168mm (23" x 46"). This will incur an additional printing cost depending on size, please contact Mark for further info.


MARILLION - Limited edition of 150:

01. Market Square Heroes #

02. He Knows You Know #

03. Script For A Jester's Tear *

04. Garden Party #

05. Assassing #

06. Fugazi *

07. Punch And Judy #

08. Kayleigh #

09. Misplaced Childhood *

10. Lavender #

11. Heart Of Lothian #

12. Incommunicado #

13. Clutching At Straws *

14. Sugar Mice #

15. Warm Wet Circles #

16. Curtain Call (size: 542mm x 305mm image area with a 76mm border, paper size 694mm x 457mm)

17. Early Stages #

18. The Fool *

Misplaced Childhood 30th anniversary designs.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the artwork for Misplaced Childhood, the following Giclée Art Prints of these images (printed 11 colours on 350 gsm watercolour paper) are available.

Each design can either be purchased at individual A3 sizes (A3 image area - with 40 mm paper borders) at £76.80 (inclusive of p&p and VAT) (£64 with no VAT for USA and Norway) or one large print with the images side by side on an A2 size (A2 image area - with 40 mm paper borders) at £136.80 (inclusive of p&p and VAT) (£114 with no VAT for USA and Norway).


Art from A Feast of Consequences
Available in A2,(£100 plus p&p plus VAT), A3 (£50 plus p&p plus VAT) & A4 (£16 plus p&p plus VAT) image sizess 
Any other images from the Feast project also available
Please contact Mark with requests

01. A Feast Of Consequences

02. Perfume River

03. Blind To The Beautiful

04. Masquerade In Silence 

05. The Leaving

06. The Great Unravelling

07. The Twists of Life


08. Crucifix Corner 1 (By Julie Wilkinson)

09. Crucifix Corner 2 (By Julie Wilkinson)

10. Crucifix Corner 3 (By Julie Wilkinson) 



JUDAS PRIEST- Limited edition of 250:

01. Ram it Down #

02. Painkiller #

03. Metalworks #

04. Angel of Retribution #

05. Nostradamus #

06. 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse (size: 420mm x 594mm image area with a 76mm border (paper size 572mm x746mm


Judge Dredd 1995 Posters

('Judge Dredd', 'The Lawmaster' and 'Judge Anderson') Available in a set of 3 A2 size prints on satin finish heavy grade paper.

• Price: £20 for set of 3, inclusive of p&p and VAT

Shadowplay book: (Click for more info)

Published late 2009, Shadowplay is the first compilation of Mark's best artwork, taken from a thirty year career during which he has created iconic record covers and concert posters for some of the top bands in the music industry including Marillion, Fish, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and The Darkness. He has also illustrated numerous book covers, postage stamps and created art for Judge Dredd and the cult BBC TV series Red Dwarf. The book features all the best work he did for Marillion (including later projects for The Fool, Curtain Call and Early Stages) as well as Fish up to 13th Star and Judas Priest up to Nostradamus. Designed by Mark, who wrote the accompanying text which deals with each phase of his career. 310mm x 230mm, 168 pages.

• Price - Hardback edition: £25 plus p&p - UK £6.50, £16 EU, £21 ROW

Also available in a highly collectible signed and numbered 'Black Box' edition, bound in black cloth inside a slipcase together with a portfolio holding 2 signed Giclée prints exclusive to this edition. Strictly limited to 500 copies.

• Price - Black Box edition: £85 plus p&p - UK £8, £20 EU, £24 ROW


Masque book:

Published 2000 in paperback, 297mm x 210mm, 180 pages - full colour throughout. From the early meetings between Mark and Marillion, Masque goes into great detail - in the style of a running conversation between Mark and Fish who explain how each image was realised and continues through Fish's solo career up to Fellini Days.

• Price: £13 plus p&p - UK £4, £9 EU, £11 ROW